17 January 2014

Who Can Say

damp underpants from an innocent accident
means I’m not flu free, yet I’m a way clear of 
indiscrete events which beset my sister Lynn; 

poor dear hailed vagaries of gastric flu which 
condemned her as - great for weight loss but 
extremely hard on lingerie and bed linen 

and sense of security I would imagine - poise 
in argot speak, lost to a plot rioting both ends
simultaneously - I know anon that play 

so I’m taking precautions to stay clear of the 
laundry side-effects; with diminution of aches 
and head clearing only my tum needs peace 

its been satisfied with water - the least cause 
for coeliac anarchy - maybe dry toast today, 
and tonight - well, who can say - 

© 21 December 2013, I. D. Carswell