17 March 2014

Bolognese Ragù

And with the solemn decree of the 
Accademia Italiana della Cucina, I 
make Bolognese Ragù their way - 

Different from spaghetti we ate as 
kids (that came in tins) but it met a 
gustatory need quite unforgettably 

And tho’ no Italiano I’m partial to a 
vast array of cuisine - so we’re into 
the bilingualism and having a time 

Dicing pancetta with a mezzaluna 
trying not to kill fingers - same for 
the vegetables - all easy-peasy 

The Colonial way had tomatoes to 
burn but here we just use a sauce 
& broth laced - suffice to say with 

dry red wine - not frizzante, and a 
cup of milk; when two hours into a 
simmer we’ll add panna di cottura 

That’ll be at the very end - after the 
Rugby & when we’re ready to eat - 
it going to be a fabulous Friday

© 28 February 2014, I. D. Carswell