15 March 2014


We found after-shower routines ridiculing 
what looked good ideas by failing a turing 
test; a cotton bud in hand edging towards 
the armpit grandly is a guess at this state 
of play - almost convinced in the moment 
you’d bested a way after towelling to now 
do armpits & ears simultaneously & yet it 
bewildered as to exactly how 

Shaking the head dismisses it as a ‘failed 
again’ scene; too many things going on is 
the explication. Plus you hadn’t dipped its 
tip into anti-perspirant & it wouldn’t do the 
job anyhow. Now there’s a despairing win 
for a pair of nearly perlite-refreshed ears* 
© 15 March 2014, I. D. Carswell

* perlite is used in some antiperspirants