10 March 2014


Vladimir Putin’s unstated aim by ‘invading’ Ukraine, or 
more precisely Crimea - benignly define Russia as in a 
‘quid-each-way’ quandary; maybe they see attempts to 
influence its new constitutional order as promising, but 
too obviously at risk of speeding Ukrainian’s defection 
to the ‘west’. I guess he’s already agreed it as a cause 
lost - and Moscow should grab what it can before shit 
hits the fan of a now irretrievable Eurasian union 

It is in the definition of economic relationships that we 
need understand Putin - he’s not going to reveal what 
is his long-term plan, and maybe there isn’t any vision 
that is coherent yet, - he’ll manoeuvre the West every 
which way but loose to make the play seem strategy - 
which it will be if we can’t see its utter desperation 

© 10 March 2013, I. D. Carswell