23 April 2014

Bloke Thing

spending the morning cleaning brings 
peace & contentment, initially anyway 

we’re complacently bent on wresting 
order out of pretence from this patio 

then perception wrings calm clean of 
masquerade, we see what our sense 

of disproportionate self-deceit poses - 
it is only dirty if you begin to sponge 

a self-fulfilling augury, nothing’s ironic 
flirting with grunge; you’ll find it, okay! 

so we cease and desist, test the bbq 
and check in the fridge for cold drinks 

no worries there; prawns are done to 
a T, rissoles flattened properly, even 

the skewers are dressed in magic’d 
successions of pork and pineapple -  

sprinkle of Moroccan Ras-el-hanout - 
and sweet potato, reef & beef stick’d 

expressions in zucchini and mango 
which will win an ooh la yum or two 

off anyone not too full to indulge; its 
a standard barbie mate - we had to 

have a go at sprucing up this patio 
‘cause drink in hand its a bloke thing 

to not trip over th’ gumboots, hoses 
or toys lurking with malicious intent … 

© 2 February 2014, I. D. Carswell