24 April 2014

End With S

Just kidding yourself, now is it frustrating to attempt 
the seniors magazine crossword amazed at arcane 
usage or are you really impressed someone has so 
much time to digress upon what would be common 
terms deranged into meaninglessness; it is to keep 
you on your toes is an editor’s easy explanation - if 
they even chivvy with th’ damn things, so would an 
editor care you can’t solve those poseur clues 

A Queenly, ‘try to be amused’ sounds more dictate 
than profound advice; so what’s a ‘vaulted room’ in 
6 letters if not cellar, crypt, catacomb, or gee, even 
‘camara’ but only if crepe for pancake is spelled as 
‘crape’ - don’t laugh, the irony of this takes ‘scanty’ 
views of meagre (meager) or sparse as good use
while ‘sitcom’ to whit is a form of entertainment & 
doesn’t fit because it has to end with ‘s’! 

© 8 February 2014, I. D. Carswell