01 April 2014

Hockey’s Plague

This poem for today was ‘supposed’ to be 
on the May budget and whether Treasurer 
Joe Hockey’s first in-office attempt proves 
he’s got a handle on the actual scene; we 
read scuttlebutt suggesting dire stuff’ll be 
proposed despite encouraging change in 
new economic indices. Labor’s to blame 
for everything of course - without debate 

But there’s a wind in the air of late which 
says even blustering Joe misses his cue; 
budgets are just bubonic plague - spread 
by obliging fleas but far too slowly, so we 
look at new evidence suggesting a faster 
way will be by pneumonic means - and it 

entails being carried in air we breathe. I 
see from reading Black Plague forensic 
evidence it’s the best route to immediate 
effect, well much faster than the wait for 
discriminating fleas deciding who’d be a 
tastier bite for their infection next 

But that’s a History lesson which took a 
while to be revealed. Fleas do not bear 
blame for the plague spreading, coughs, 
splutters & spit carried it more effectively;  
thus Joe is already equipped to spread 
his disease - starting April Fool’s day 

© 31 March 2014, I. D. Carswell