02 April 2014

With Sparkles

Relieved an ‘occupation’, though 
the military sense of it faded past 
the post, no odium of an imposed 
order to reflect upon, just an idea 
of space echoing silently; with no 
need to raise waves pressing her 
case for our inclusion she simply 
created new rooms for us too 

They were heady days; her three 
year old view of what is had room   
for what wasn’t, didn’t seek to be 
unique - or claim private space or 
avoid debate on responsibility - it 
amazed and entertained 

Games were invented and rules 
tossed away in an air of intrigue 
masquerading as delinquency - 
norms for elderly consideration 
she claimed, tactfully addressed 
as problems we all endure  

Her parting words were you can't 
make fun of me or my friends, ok 
and I’ll let you keep your painted 
toenails one more week - purple 
with sparkles wasn’t my idea but 
it eased a droll sense of levity 

© 28 January 2014, I. D. Carswell