18 April 2014

Noble Guise

There will be times when you’re not enthralled 
with your own voice - times when the thrill of it 
all blithers into tonelessness; and when you’d 
rather be a towel stirred by the breeze instead 
of a brazened reason for dissent you’re on the 
way to understanding. Yet it isn’t revelation - a 
far cry from the blistering insight, disclosure or 
affright at finding you’re not a public treasure 

Oddly the measure of your worth is seeing the 
other side, being mortified it isn’t what you’d a 
conviction you’d be for sure - and there desire 
palls to a pure but tuneless whimper, which is 
a simple test of whether this strength is better 
attested in the noble guise of humbleness 

© 26 February 2014, I. D. Carswell