15 April 2014

Probably True

Bit o’ reverse revelation I’ll suggest, 
the book had a piece of toilet paper 
folded & inserted where at a guess 
you’d expect a bookmark - ooh lah, 
& not slighting excellent authorship  
Leander Kahney is up with the best 
& subject Jony Ive attests at genius 
proportions in this impressive book 

Ominous, probably, because its too 
hard to put down hence some toilet 
tissue in lieu - and Ive’s behind that 
eminent slew of Apple’s products; it 
shouldn’t surprise he’s Knighted & 
now Sir Jonathan Ive - no less 

No, it wasn’t a slant on sneaking an 
Apple into the loo, but there is a bit 
of irony he’d do it - if his inspiration
suggested the design needed relief 
from an office desk; now I know for 
sure that that is probably quite true
© 18 February 2014, I. D. Carswell

Jony Ive - The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products 

By Leander Kahney