27 May 2014


We wondered how long it would be before the 
fringe rounded on the hem and bleated about 
pleats the Cyclone barely ever articulated; it’s 
safe to say in only three days an engendered 
lunacy of the direst threats to common sense 
gave way to acerbic sanity with terse redress 
from an aged legend - who’d survived worse, 
saying, geeze, whose idea was all that crap! 

Damn pussy wusses, he says, bloody stay in 
Brisbane. If’t blows down there we’ll come ‘n 
save you from yourselves; meantime - leave 
off the imaginary dramatics - hysteria’s all th’ 
blanket-mouth support we’ve ever got from 
your egoists chasing their own publicity 

© 15 April 2014, I. D. Carswell