28 May 2014

Winter’s Here

It’s nearly winter again, if’tisn’t then 
I'm in a quandary about how to feel 
warm. There are forlorn hints in the 
clothes closet it’s been cool before; 
guess most of ‘em unworn in ages. 
To seek identities I unwound some 
and found this arguably ‘debonair’ 
merino vest I’m now wearing abed 

When buying apparel wasn’t seen 
masculine then th’ lady got th’ job 
buying practical vestments; altho’ 
I’d rarely broken ranks, if seeking 
garb with a difference wasn't role-
play - then see it the girl’s way 

Yet today I’m clad in something I 
couldn’t resist on that rare trip to 
the haberdashery - yeah, played 
th’ game, came away vested with 
wisdom, though in truth I’d say it 
simply confirms winter’s here 

© 4 April 2014, I. D. Carswell