06 May 2014


You’d wonder what age we’re living in - Nigeria’s 
Islamic terrorist relics abduct schoolgirls to sell - 
ostensibly as brides Boko Haram says; nothing 
in that, no religious arguments to upset anyone, 
leastways none the Nigerian Government takes 
as a threat. But wait a bit, Chibok isn’t exactly in 
Manhattan so barely a ripple exists where there 
should’ve been a tidal wave 

If proponents of Boko Haram’s brand of Islamic 
insularity see nothing untoward in deprivation of 
of liberty by kidnapping, in their view for a crime 
of undergoing ‘Western’ education, then where 
have we been for the last 2000 years? Political 
ransoming won’t save that improbable artefact 

© 6 May 2014, I. D. Carswell