14 May 2014

Budget Speech

Seeking respite from the doom and gloom 
of budget speech we braced the yard arm 
with large quantities of cerveza importada, 
slice of lime in each, while taking refuge in 
slurred words of blurry sagacity, humoured 
by visions we’d schemed where ‘Eleventy’ 
Joe Hockey finds he has a finger missing - 
last seen after the leery run-in with cigars 

Whether we’re worse off or not can't shake 
relief felt in cessation of the chronic verbal 
diarrhoea we suffered the last four weeks; 
our ears were syringed liberally with beers 
made overseas free of ‘dumb’ rhetoric and 
ruthlessly political double-entendres 

Needless to say Media will take this ‘fools-
gold’ & make it so many piles of hay you’d 
waste a week misunderstanding what can 
actually be all that different - which it could 
be if you’d believed the only budget victim 
would be Abbott’s version of the truth 

© 14 May 2014, I. D. Carswell