15 May 2014

Conservative Stage

The term Jarrod Bleijie must be an antonym for 
common sense embraced by a ‘duh’ inference - 
and it isn’t his first unethical fracture of reality; a 
controversial press release issued after private 
conversation with Justice McMurdo showed his 

complete disregard for any judicial confidence - 
we see his political animism clearly - and where 
he stands means he couldn’t care less about an 
independence in process of Law, except where 
it serves his own political agendas grandly 

Somehow he reminds me of the grandstanding 
enfant terrible Christopher Pyne - being similar 
in open-mouth-shouting-out-invective design, a 
sorry commentary on new-age amoralism seen 
all too often today in sadly deaf-to-the-masses 

behaviour of Parliaments new-elected younger 
members unheeding our needs, but rabidly and 
without precedent heeded, catering for visions 
of their grandeur or fame - whatever gets their 
rocks off on their so-called Conservative stage 
© 25 March 2014, I. D. Carswell

Jarrod Bliejie is currently a Sate MP and 

appointed Queensland Attorney General