31 May 2014

Chrome Sidling

Frustration doesn’t explain it - the feeling is tense 
yes - but there’s no sense of relief when progress 
is made; it seemed an advance - like you’d made 
a discovery that the cause of this problem wasn’t 
in any way explained by amply obvious evidence. 
Now surely that meant we’d looked at ‘things’ the 
wrong way as opposed to the ‘wrong’ things so a 
squint-eyed reassessment suggests we try anew 

An hour or two later we’re less confident there IS 
anything dramatically wrong, all systems work ok 
and browsing is achieved successfully - but ASK 
is still IE’s default search tool despite cleaning all 
nooks and crannies. Like a bereaved home-body 
it steadfastly defaults back - refuses to leave 

Good enough for me I say with grudging respect 
to developers who spawned its tenacity - you’ve 
earned me a beer; while IE 11 lost us this round 
with Chrome installed we’ll be home free and I’ll 
get users into it too - for a while we’ll be seen to 
sidle around this ASK.com’s braw audacity 

© 17 April 2014, I. D. Carswell