30 May 2014

Net Etiquette

Wondering whether the muted scene of despair is 
for real won't give leeway where the rubber meets 
the road. So we want to watch free-to-air TV; I am 
opining easy, but tongue-in-cheek - she’s the one 
with remote-in-hand primacy; been doing it longer 
than me. If it is not where it used to be then we’ve 
a weird situation or we’re implying there’s now an 
evidently bigger glitch than random IP addresses 

Couldn’t believe she’d missed an obvious AV-TV 
switch; normally where you look if things go awry, 
and it was there - with hints of intrigue now we’ve 
Netflix access again. Incredulity thus redefines it 
as resignation too good to accept a fence wasn't 
mended - and yet kept things just the same 

© 21 April 2014, I. D. Carswell