25 May 2014

Friday Footy

What better way to celebrate a Friday than 
a beer in hand, crisps in bowl, TV beaming 
early game - apart from really being there - 
tho’ you’d see its clearly closer to the ideal 
than icy cold stadium and frosted breath a-
flood in chilling breeze; sweetly next to the 
slow-burner this chair reclines neatly when 
the going gets tough for a horizontal view 

And you need such relief I can assure you, 
this is Super Rugby, not an effete clash of 
stockinged feet’s tense pirouettes, its best 
leave it there left tho’, we’ve an ocean of it 
to surf in, so I’ll crack another beer for the 
victory of any team earning my respect 

© 4 April 2014, I. D. Carswell