24 May 2014

Category Five

So Gollum attends a disaster co-ordination meeting; 
there’s real sense in it - with Cyclone Ita’s influence 
looming and due to strike late on Friday, this confab 
might provide insight into how he’ll handle the even 
bigger disaster of his Government’s popularity loss 

Like Ita it too came out of the blue suddenly - but its 
cost ‘im a category 5 holocaust rating that he’d lose 
if elections were held today - thus we’d have a new 
Government under Palaszczuk, & perhaps another 
disaster impending dismally surreal scenario  

So cheer him to ‘get his disastrous image problem 
solved before next year’; c’mon Cammo, you’re th’ 
last choice there is anyway ‘cause we’re bottom of 
the barrel - even if it sledges Queensland’s rep to 
admit we chose him - Gollum, to be our premier 

Lisp & haw your way through litanies of ‘dialectic’ 
excuses - you are used to it, its what you’ve been 
doing for the idiots you appointed - & who got you 
into this predicament first place; but by grace and 
good management you might yet be unscathed 

© 11 April 2014, I. D. Carswell