23 May 2014

Seeds For Success

Tried living with entrenched apathy but less an 
overwhelming view it is baroque meaningless - 
attaining fatuous goals in seeking success the 
‘other’ way came easily; it’s a guise of genius -  
aspire unabashed after nothing to replace that 
debilitating, irksome, dedicated vacancy given 
over to estranging endeavour to find means or 
ways to succeed - & thus to help lift you free 

Being unfazed is the state of mind to reach, to 
accept its where you want to be; engagement 
of all your energy to keep it freed interference 
of ‘ne’er-do-well’ do-gooders who’ll claim you 
only need goals they espouse to be on top or 
on the way - and you’re home and hosed 

Now if I’d supposed that was the cure before 
apathy came to roost, nest and breed a daily 
denial would have succeeded - the wracking 
of brains trained my intellectual agency such 
it recognised being apathetic upon apathy is 
the best of the seeds for success 

© 7 April 2014, I. D. Carswell