21 May 2014

Your Slips Showing

Aha, the myth explained - don’t kick into 
touch any allegory which pays wages; a 
fair bet that means turning the pages of 
your worst fears to where dread returns  
its best investment: so a trip to the Dark 
Ages is a way to restart th’ Reformation 
guaranteed to shake a ‘flaky’ Nation to 
its non-devotional knees 

And it would work exceptionally well but 
for an invective of arrogance expressed 
in the indiscreet ‘Hockeyness’ of he who 
holds key to our ‘rash’ of treasures; - so 
pardon me Joe, your dweeb slip shows  
moreso ’n a comedian’s gaffe 

© 21 May 2014, I. D. Carswell