29 June 2014


Making an issue out of something most would 
see as an effetely android affectation adopted 
in a failed masquerade hardly rates, yet there 
he stands four-square and driven, nailed-thru’ 
hands shred of credibility by promises broken, 
stranded in the no-go zone - today suffering a 
loss of face so great that he notionally failed a 
leadership race making him virtually impotent 

Can’t pay me to query motives of why he lied, 
or denies he ever did; his ideology-riven hide 
of devious subtlety is far too glassily sleek to 
probe sanely - it is past time he accepted the 
best idea in strategy is a fade into grey - or a 
ministerial cloak of faceless anonymity  

All based on this ‘cerebral’ idea we’re morally 
bankrupt and need repay ‘fiscal’ debt - before 
resuming playing economic Ducks & Drakes 
in times just short of anarchy; meantime his 
pains are prescribed to keep minds occupied 
in case we’ll see through his patent sham 

© 19 May 2014, I. D. Carswell