27 June 2014

Sing Your Praises

‘Tisn’t ‘guilt’ he says, not in an event’s memory 
anyway - tho’ judging by the grey countenance 
I’d guess that there’s a lot of it going around. If 
you’re one of them affected please don’t infect 
me, we haven’t a debt to pay nor are we owed 
in sum for one yet to be recognised. That myth 
didn’t survive repatriation from memory, but I’ll 
no doubt stand corrected by your acute recall 

Today isn’t moreso a product of those dreams 
than the celebration’s hungover excess, all of 
it a common theme best forgot, our penchant 
had us living the day like the last ever; as the 
fragility grew into blame we off-set, who’d not 
seek solace bought at another’s behest 

That is everyone but me - I am master of my 
own - with obvious difficulties - destiny, & too 
proud to seek the obvious route. So while its 
great to see you as a team again I won’t join 
the mission, march in line or guard the final 
funeral pyre - but I will sing your praises 

© 18 March 2014, I. D. Carswell