12 June 2014

Radical Sham

Some choice, either a review of radical Islam’s 
rampant growth or panning an investigation on 
regulations for providing sexual services. I am 
slightly bemused. Surely there’s no subliminal 
connectivity; I might make the former ‘expose’ 
on religiously zealous opportunism as a latter 
day effect of ineffective regulations governing 
provision and availability of sexual servicing 

It might be the key - don’t thank me for it tho’; 
I’m no misogynist nor do I think like he who’d 
exploit any words from his religious texts that 
allow him prey irreverently on femininity. It’s a 
shameless way of progressing a sham bigger 
than the idea women are born as sex slaves 

© 8 May 2014, I. D. Carswell