11 June 2014

Piquing Magnanimity

An unholy episode like this you’d want left out 
of your resume; no need mention old age has 
its unique way of levelling the field - today we 
‘lost’ our Ute keys. Okay, recognition of it was 
immediate - but then tracking back suggested 
it wasn't going to be as easy as mobile phone 
recovery was in yesterday’s idiotic escapade 

But we persisted; logic suggested it had to be 
near trees we’d snaffled a couple of limes off - 
or anywhere in a hundred metre radius, while 
rationalisation said it had a cause too clear to 
ignore - you’ll need sew that pocket real soon 
came uneasily when we didn’t find anything 

But as is the usual case, when despair gains 
what it sees as the upper hand, we eliminate 
all too obvious places; it’s there such logic is 
famous for making it easy. So where we had 
been before - tho didn't look as discretely as 
an investigator would - had to came clean 

Nestled beneath a further tree we’d grabbed 
a lime off to toss for Podge to chase - he’s a 
beneficiary of such infinite largess - they lay, 
innocently, I might add, of any of the intrigue 
piquing magnanimity of this ‘effort’ wasted in 
an hour’s completely inept investigation 

© 7 May 2014, I. D. Carswell