02 June 2014

Up Th’ Dogs

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
1st in National Rugby League

The only way ‘Th’ Dogs’ will list up top in popularity 
is if, perchance, we would insistent the alphabet’s a
favour blessed in such acclaim; call ‘em Canterbury 

or even Bulldogs - they’ll rate higher than almost all
of the rest but after Brisbane Broncos, which nicely 
suggests there’s no need explain its a crock of pap. 
Mate, its even likely you actually support Th’ Dogs
on that we can guess your insular misanthropy 

Nah, the way to the top is to be state orientated ’n 
like teams with a mass of Queensland players - its 
clearly a way to the State of Grace which is Origin
so far be it for me to say - Canterbury’s no more in 
vogue than Canberra, but if ‘Bankstown' preceded 
it, hey, then its already rephrased into first place 
© 27 April 2014, I. D. Carswell 

Canterbury Bulldogs or Bankstown Bulldogs - or 

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs - whatever?