03 June 2014

Wood Gathering

Nope, hardly exaggerated to say I was  
less than engrossed and made it show 
chainsawing firewood off of felled trees - 
a fire might get me going again if the chill 
sets in like it did a week ago. Great to sit 
in a circle of warmth again, drink in hand, 
sipping, sinking into an appreciation of a 
grand fellowship, of a time and place 

But today I was graced by the lady - she 
made generosity a wood gathering; we’d 
lain abed until late; of seniors its a treat 
to not rise early, be considered needy or 
give way to bodily management crises - 
far cry from yesteryear’s imaginings 

So we played wood-gatherers - its a role
as old as our histories yet we made new 
discoveries about who we really are and 
why the fire focuses energy - so I’m slow 
off the blocks but gradually warming; she 
has seen in me an agreeable discovery 

© 13 May 2014, I. D. Carswell