20 June 2014

Viral Lethargy

Taking headaches to bed’ll usually 
suggest magnanimous awakening, 
but this viral dissonance ain’t learnt 
lucid expectations of such blessing; 
between incredible lethargy & bare 
bewilderment it takes hold gravely, 
wrangling vigourless concessions 
from a wretched omnipresence 

So you swear t’isn’t a true-‘flu-like- 
knock-down-drag-out overwhelm’d 
event, yet here equivocal mutability 
denies any devilish intent lurking, & 
again mutant ninja politician springs 
dangerously to fevered minds

Aha, ’tis the season, viral infections 
and budget concessions a-grind like 
plagues of vicissitude in wake of rot- 
spread idea-mutations; t’ be ‘flu-free 
my panegyric needs be insured agin 
political viruses we already endure

© 3 June 2014, I. D. Carswell