25 June 2014

Dynasty Of The Brave

If an explanation, then where the error seemed 
less an event and more product of being blasé 
we’ve an honest answer; though not given over 
to histrionics, not my forte, injured fingers seem 
a smaller cost for what could have been a total 
disaster, a hand amputated of credibility. When 
that loss is accounted against achievements in 
the cause of self-sufficiency, well, we’re buried 

So the chainsaw is retired and fingers bound in 
gauze - I might add a brusque, bloodied salute 
to the medicine chest which has the last word; 
laconically it says you’re damned lucky, always 
to the point - and I’m chastened by what hasn’t 
yet daunted this dynasty of the brave 

© 15 May 2014, I. D. Carswell