05 June 2014

Without Prejudice

I wonder, who’s the dramatics coach of 
Canberra’s wanna-be rugby ‘thespians’; 
I’d say theatrical ‘mole’ Nick White’s an 
ego of any Parliamentary backbencher 
debating a Bill which Opposition hasn’t 
seen the script he's privileged to read, 
or either a failed half-back ‘jingoist’ & 
likely related to a Stateless referee 

The arm-waving gestures suggest Nick 
doesn't see a field congested with what 
he’s supposed to be party to, the ‘only’ 
game played in Heaven; Prima Donna 
Nick’s used to limelight he generates - 
though he claims it’s without prejudice 

Then we have a passé emigre Kiwi who 
poses as referee, Steve Walsh, or am I 
stating he’s obviously true blue - & that 
while a bit jaundiced on whom to apply 
the rules to; obviously Canberra needs 
this kind of egregious adjudication 

© 25 April 2014, I. D. Carswell