06 June 2014


So if distant sounds of aeroplanes means we’re 
still here then the airways share our solitude, fly-
bys remind us we’re nowhere in particular under 
business’ flight paths coming and going busily - 
uncontroversially blessed with irrelevancy; but it 
isn’t a rakish form of despair, or failed epithet, to 
be none-the-less semi-comatose in this arena’s 
now completely compromised anonymity; 

But I don’t care, the wider world’s simulacrum is 
not the one I recall us seeking; we were a naive 
pair of escapees hoping country air would allow 
room for a few peccadilloes we’d only guessed 
at; and yeah, it’s as if we’re still looking, a likely 
story that even we are beginning to believe … 

© 1 May 2014, I. D. Carswell