14 July 2014

Absent Friends

Caught in that uneasy niche between completing 
afternoon chores, cleaning up avoidable messes 
and my canine cobber Podge disdaining to show  
any interest in my dog-tucker effort - gee, thanks
And it’s too early yet for tonight’s Super Rugby. 

So we hang suspended ’til 19:35; meantime Mdm 
claims ‘Miss Marple’ opportunity (on the footy TV; 
it’d better end before H Hour), yet she can’t see a 
problem; after all the best seats, for good reason, 
scrounge better in the Lounge obviously 

And its too early for a glass of wine! Damn. Or is 
it an opportunity to express esprit de corps; back 
in th’ old days we singles had ‘happy hour’ every 
evening as a ritual for absent friends, I don’t see 
any lurking - so they’re definitely not here - yet!

© 30 May 2014, I. D. Carswell