15 July 2014

Verve That Entertains

And to think it was the easier escape - a quick 
dash across an horizon temporal, or the flight 
thru space-compressed lightyear reckonings - 
emerging in unimaginable places still with the 
same human failings; today the books lie on a 
disheveled bedroom floor, pages unturned, an 
argument where readings failed to account for 
‘truth’ and all else ‘snailed' our reality checks 

We’re not bored with theory, that’s a given, but 
phantasmagorically drawn characters who are 
more Shakespearean than the failed runaway 
reboots of ordinary faux dreams isn’t a ‘verve’ 
that entertains; worse than staring yourself in 
the face you’d say - if you had the nerve 

© 29 May 2014, I. D. Carswell