04 July 2014

'Ah' Pauses, What Hey

Let us coin a new phrase, let’s say 
disingenuity is a sophisticated way 
of appearing ordinary; yet the chap 
it applies to is hardly common and 
garden, an Oxford grad b’ gad - its 
the real deal of a Rhodes scholar’s 
expectancy, but Tony is an enigma 
in a grande déclassé masquerade

Ah, don’t ask him what that means; 
he’ll hum ’n' hah, and dodge being 
clear because he’s ‘ordinary’, yet it 
explains his charade better than a 
new word coined epitomising brain 
activity that is patently disabled, so

M. Disingenuity, please let us get 
a handle on this reverse sophism - 
is the really snarky, snide, & leery 
per se reprobate you hiding in this 
rustic dilettante who talks real slow 
with lots of ‘ah’ pauses, what hey? 

© 22 May 2014, I. D. Carswell