05 July 2014

Selling Ideas

It’s one difficult to get to grips with - & not 
in a disordinate sense, more as inclination 
to vaguely avoid its meaning, a pretence if 
you like - it isn’t happening; that I suppose 
a consequence easier to see than any real 
events deflated by your druthers, and gee, 
maybe that explains my denial’s extension 
into this mood of homme dĂ©shabillĂ© - with 

Nakedness supposed, imagining all those
veneers ripped away, tho’ pays no heed to 
obvious constructs proposed by a regime’s 
polishing and cleaning; is he still that man 
unclothed of his fantasies, but we’re to sell 
this idea right now by hook or by crook 

Monday’s buyer will hopefully look wisely 
at ‘potential’ meant in saying, expressing 
vulnerability is an inept way to sell ideas - 
but to be thus & still with meaning lends 
chances to begin again, you won’t cease 
to exist when you’re newly centre stage

© 25 May 2014, I. D. Carswell