26 July 2014

Georgia’s Day

Being ‘party’ to a four year old’s 
coming-out demonstrates social 
obligations fairly - she’ll be seen 
in company of antecedents who 
rarely fuss - squaring-up books 
of who’s what & thus casting an 
easy-to-wear impression of just 
what a gem she is really - then 

Meeting her co-respondents, or 
more accurately their mums - a 
dad or two, and siblings who’re 
‘cherry-tomato-&-spoon’ derby 
unenthused - but give balloon 
‘tween knees races approval 

So basking in glow of her peer’s  
admiration has arrears, but you’ll 
know when pester & pique palls 
and four-year-old approvals roar 
unanimously for a birthday cake 
served alfresco in the park 

It is then the dare to be amused 
lets the lark free - children share 
a moment’s reverie around cake 
masticated in gustatory panache 
sitting quietly en masse, wow … 
& we’re amazed - naturally 
© 16 June 2014, I. D. Carswell