27 July 2014


it doesn’t take much to baffle the upset cart; 
like half an idea compromised by too far an 
honest loving of freedom’s sense, so where 
the hell is it then - to honour thy parents will 
recompense they say - eventually you’ll get 
paid for such decency - if you don’t stray off 
the beaten path, playing by rules of avarice 
or casting your lot with the ruling swine 

it wasn’t the way my mum & dad held onto 
simplicity; time after time they said we’re a 
last resort for matters beyond the measure 
of antipathy and arrogance - unless you’re 
already swayed by its commonwealth and 
paid to be a sycophantic clone 

didn’t agree then and don’t do now unless 
you’re of the same opinion as me - and I’ll 
slew that view into a full-blooded lament - 
or a compliment if you wish - which tunes 
into who we are without measure applied 
by our forsaken & surplus hegemony 

© 20 June 2014, I. D. Carswell