10 July 2014

Leader Of The Pack

Would have been amused, maybe entertained 
by the drek arraigned in Tony Abbott’s case; its 
undeniably there - undisguised disgust - some 
quite humorous - but much of it too personal a 
view to be constrained as basic public opinion; 
so where did it come from then - and is it true? 

Asking the Man would duly perpetrate more of 
the same gaffes he’s scoffed irreverently in our 
faces since commencing a political career - an 
amazing maladroit, he’s firm in belief, fearless 
in expressing surly opinions a more diplomatic 
public figure sagely demurs to be drawn on 

But not our Tony; seeking less confrontational 
clashes would be backing down, in his acerbic 
parlance a compromise he’d say, like publicly 
dropping your pants - useful only on a beach, 
a stance where everyone already sees what 
you’re smuggling without using imagination 

Or might we suppose its the sneering, dry & 
snide jests he provides as asides instead of 
answering all questions proposed seeking to 
clarify what & why he is what he is - & does 
inimitably & inevitably what he will, although 
he’s aware nobody falls for that subterfuge 

He’s enigmatic, true, but then observe to his 
Parliamentary rear where this coterie of like 
toffs with similar characteristics huff, scoff & 
sneer in orchestrated harmony; now there’s 
the wherefore of the Man - as leader of the 
wolf pack - and garrulous Head o’ th’ Clan 

© 4 June 2014, I. D. Carswell