09 July 2014

Churrasco Exudations

May have been Don McClean’s ‘Castles in the Air’, or ‘Honkey 
Cat’ by Elton John but atmosphere changed dramatically; - no 
way was I amused by Brazil dying 7 - 1 to Germany, although 
a conclusion gained before kick-off said they’d lose & seemed 
fait accompli - don’t ask me why it felt so damned real, maybe 
its contained in raunchy Brazilian churrasco exudations where 
beyond belief scent and scene madness invades - then one’s 
left an aftermath of over-satiety to restrain while seeking relief 

But back here in Music of the 70s came a form of solace too - 
it is where the real we gained a foothold in consciousness and 
learned to deal with catastrophes - but 7 - 1! Gee, lucky I’d set 
Germany a real chance to win with Brazil having teamwork we 
thought suspect to deal with; that it came to pass dramatically 
doesn’t take away need to recover - and rediscover amity 
© 9 July 2014, I. D. Carswell

After Germany’s unprecedented 7 - 1 semi-final win over 
Brazil in 2014 Soccer World Cup series