23 July 2014

Seeney’s Sense

Me old mate Jeff Seeney’s at it again; pissed off 
playing th’ tame sarky dork bleachers act - he’s 
dug through th’ Deputy Premier’s pile of trash to 
slap some ‘own-back’ on Clive Palmer - ok, they 
never were good mates; Clive’s got ‘education’, 
Jeff failed the entrance exam. Clive is suing the 
gang for defamation; gee, was it something Jeff 
said? He’s got a gobsmacking way with words 

But that’s the way it is in Queensland - buddies 
one minute - biffing each other the next; Clive’s 
a Federal MP ex-local LNP tragic wannabe who 
‘saw the light’ was Canberra - & after he’d been 
screwed by the home team in some unsavoury 
business which Clive initiated claims Jeff

Or might it be Cammo (aka ‘Gollum’), who’s put 
out a bit by th’ shouting and gesturing, fingering 
a few old wounds and keen to get his dignity on 
line again; neither seem aware they’re ‘grass’ to 
a sham which makes our governing LNP Party’s 
arrogant ‘ethical’ stance even more of a farce 

© 11 June 2014, I. D. Carswell