22 July 2014

Bits And Pieces

A bits and pieces sort of day, nothing really took 
control to make impressions last, or covertly play 
parts where passé adages are pooled in a wash 
of their own rendering; so it’s null and void you’d 
like to say, blending in vast androgynous space 

And it stayed that way - like a conscious choice 
apace with itself; so even the greetings received 
were low-key mutations of a no longer longed for 
recognition staying clean of controversy - please 
keep some for me, comes the plaintive cry 

You’ll have to think about that; why hadn’t those 
so-useful-in-the-past fillips spawned advantages 
you might cajole, tactfully of course, into routes 
marked clearly with signs and interval distances 
between what you’d hope to and can’t achieve 

You surmise, there’s not a lot I could do anyway 
my plan changed when the sun rose awkwardly 
I couldn’t find reason to redefine objectives that 
were never my own; as such just getting by is a 
reward huge enough to hide in comfortably 

So you’ll live with it until something insuperable 
comes to pass; look, my hearing aids now relay 
gist of conversations I did without for years - but 
I participated by reading lips - maybe its still too 
ingenuous to slip sideways from here 

© 15 July 2014, I. D. Carswell