17 July 2014

St Joe’s Dilemma

The fan-dangle still plays dumb with evidence 
anyone is entitled to appraise, you could say - 
wassup Joe, why th’ long face ’n grimace like 
y’ need to burp? It wasn’t what you ate - case 
most likely is lies coming home to roost - a bit 
like indigestion, thus yelling louder won’t make 
it any less desperate; so you detest the media 
and blame journalists for your discomfort 

Unrelenting argument for an edifice of shonky 
integrity’s sake seems a waste, but then that’s 
what you get for a stale-bun-and-a-cold-cup-of 
the-cheapest-coffee-promises made to voters, 
who now don’t agree with the crises you have 
massaged magically out of a fiscal wilderness 

Blaming a previous Government’s ‘profligate’ 
behaviour isn’t original or true, but within your 
doctrinal bent the same gurus’ve advised you 
how to spin a yarn into a palaver of zealotry - 
we’ve got to suffer so you can prove you’re a 
saviour sent to save us from such prejudice 

© 5 June 2014, I. D. Carswell