16 July 2014

A Daunting Thought

If going to bed before the end of State of Origin I 
meant I didn’t have to witness the Blue’s ecstatic 
celebration, then I’d be excused embarrassment 

Having to cop that strutting and posturing wears 
thin whatever tolerance survives th’ game; you’d 
like to think they’re professional sportsmen - not 

Ridiculous hams hogging the cameras; but I see 
it bleeds both ways, so for the egos survival may 
a few seconds on TV be all they ever need. But 

Copping it sweet is also a team event; our boys 
lent the occasion a bit of philosophical character 
to measure against the NSW ‘humbleness’ 

Of course they’d better redress that in game two 
or we’ll be in a State of mourning - now maybe 
there’s a daunting thought to ponder … 

© 29 May 2014, I. D. Carswell