19 July 2014

Where The Eye Is

Any ideas there’re things of merit occurring 
which weren’t part of FIFA’s World Cup are  
chastened - or so it seems; & ’ow dare y’al
compare different sports thought t’be those 
that matter; soccer’s unique, bless’t or else 
impress’d beyond a cent’s worth of t’ main 
events presence where deference t’ truth’s 
benevolence don’t let th’ cat out o’ th’ bag 

Dubious anyroad, meows askew, n’ who’s 
th’ judge when viewers make inroads into 
all fields where sense is a patsy to counts 
of who watched whom n’ when - not what 
or why - ’tis implied in th’ advertisement’s 
answer - th’ money’s where the eye is … 

© 3 July 2014, I. D. Carswell