21 July 2014

Let It Rest

So I’m supposed to suffer nobly in delivering a 
self-inflicted service - its not too derelict - daily 
evaluation of a viral infections course; ja, easy 
peasy, jot down observations, but let’s say I’m 
failing to deliver, I can’t equate what I feel with 
words that quiver in meaning beyond unfailing 
feeling of desperate confusion - and lassitude 
that invades all of my lexicons dispassionately 

We start the day with bemused headache - its 
sometimes subdued but lurking always, either 
to front or rear - oscillating side to side today - 
where temples might claim territory - had they 
enough nerve to front and be counted; but the 
toughest bit’s being in thrall to triviality 

I claim one victory - this bit recorded in a way 
I reckon explains my attention span’s demise; 
it has become less interested in the afflict and 
tries to orientate on disappearing wider space 
that used to be there on demand - its a tunnel 
vision you’re creating here I try to say 

That’s wasted argument and the drift’s begun 
to another rubicon - playing full deck solitaire 
to keep the mind impartially out of the ruts its 
dug itself into; at least we’re doing something 
which exercises ‘intellect’ and hand-and-eye 
coordination is the stratagem’s defence 

But even that palls so we rephrase the words 
into an explanation that suggests four minute 
engagements is about all there is to it - if you 
can keep focus within the buzz and drift, or a 
vacillation of digestive tract anarchy - unsure 
which bit is supposedly cause or effect 

Thus - suffice to say, we’ll let it rest 

© 10 June 2014, I. D. Carswell