25 August 2014

Anarchic Spontaneity

Yeah, I like this anarchic spontaneity, it means 
the pizza idea decided at midday can be freed 
a frozen beginning, least that’s how it seemed 
until opening the refrigerator; yep, got cheese, 
onion, any capsicum, nah, marinara - yo, what 
about olives, to go, bacon & salami here also - 
mushrooms, no, used all of ‘em last night, so 
where are the anchovies - in the pantry 

The bread maker has a handle on great pizza 
dough without an hour’s personal dedication to 
any tedious kneading, so that’s an early bonus 
as long as there’s enough flour and yeast - it is 
easy peasy and in the bag mate, we only need 
mushrooms and one capsicum 

It means a quick trip to the greengrocer, lucky 
there’s one three minutes away, a no dramas 
trip with the local drum on what’s going down - 
pizza eh, easier to order one in isn’t it, maybe 
but my rep wouldn’t survive Eagle Boy’s glee 
telling their side of that home delivery

© 17 July 2014, I. D. Carswell