26 August 2014

Woodsman, No Way

Whomever painted th’ picture as a cosy domestic 
scene of husband - axe in hand, the wheelbarrow 
and a determined look missed the obvious; this is 
work called wood gathering; make no error, it is 
not identification of leisure activity, and two hours 
later all energy’s gone - enthusiasm spent. Sure it 
isn’t exactly the same, in this instance there’s two 
chainsaws, axe, handsaw, tractor & trailer: - now 

that isn’t as homely or cute is it; but any less and 
we’d still be felling the old tree by the dam. While 
the idea can be appealing its only motivation is a 
graphically expressed frigidity of frost-dead leaf 6 
feet up the trees; if expressed as the ‘freedom’ of 
living naturally - you’d need to get used to that! 

© 22 July 2014, I. D. Carswell