31 August 2014

Clementine’s Day

After all it was Clementine’s day and in the nub 
of it we’re there for her smile. Now whether one 
may be unimpressed by due ceremony baptism 
didn’t phase her ‘royalness’, though it has ways 
of levelling you when you’re one year of age - 

in her own way she gave of herself, with purest 
magnetism - affording an insight into whom she 
will soon be; and she exudes confidence that’s  
unlikely to be the cherry-ripe, random-selected 
bin leavings of faux celebrity acclaim - 

rather this is the style of one who’s closer to an 
earth she sees, as a thoughtful & well-founded 
expression of where she is presently; meaning 
‘wait and see’ isn’t an ‘ok, convince me!’ sense 
of ‘who am I’ - or skewed demand for attention 

No, Clemie is above all that; so hey - welcome 
to a World we’d thought we’d tamed to lived in; 
seems we’re off any pace Clementine deigned 
to grace, and its change welcome to break the 
disingenuous embrace of such blasphemy

© 20 July 2014, I. D. Carswell