01 September 2014

Mendicants Fee

The pact ‘we’ll beat this beast’ is with yourself, 
left unsaid is, or get a hiding that’ll reverberate; 
no need be indebted before registration of this 
cogent & obvious distaste for an enemy’s viral 
weaponry, and duplicit industry’s collaboration 
you remind yourself: if vaccination against ‘flu 
is the key to avoiding suffering, you’d need a 
cast iron guarantee it will actually work - but - 

There’s no compensation paid should you fall 
foul of feral anarchy abounding in viral plague; 
don’t be so naive, strains change of whim way 
out of your ken, & when hearing spokes-cow’s 
explanations, they’re never the culprits, oh no, 
according to their definition - that’s heresy - 

So while the money rolls in you’d agree its got 
to be true, and you’re committed to a defence 
against enemy using similar viruses exactly as 
they, to infiltrate & imperil both your health and 
what’s left of your sanity; ok then, so now pay 
a mendicant’s fee to the irony in that … 

© 23 July 2014, I. D. Carswell