03 August 2014

Hair Declared

then may I be forgiven in observing what’s a trend 
beyond the game; just whose hair is it demanding 
where we look to see the same despairing barber 
‘epicure’ expressed - or am I missing obvious and 
clear examples unimpressed by matching styles - 
to say its haute couture decor is stretching truth a 
bit explaining how bizarre - eccentrically déclassé 
looks seem de rigeuer within a world-class frame 

of course it isn’t there as only football’s fate; seen 
as far afield as other games impress, where men 
appeal to lèse-majesté in statements which obey 
a simple rule, don’t miss th' pace or else you’ll be 
a never-made-the-grade disgrace; this way it is a 
statement where the least - at least - compares 

© 26 June 2014, I. D. Carswell